411 - The Bagpiping AI Revolution (Dojo Conversations Episode 81)

Could AI ever replace bagpipers? This week, Andrew and Jim dive into the potential impact of AI on the bagpiping community and creativity in general, and AI's capabilities and limitations in generating music, writing, and other tasks. Is there a possible future where AI could assist or even fully automate a musician's workflow? Can AI compose, mix and master music, create visual art, or write your band's social media strategy? Would that be a good or a bad thing? Got a topic you'd like covered in a future episode? Leave a comment or email us: [email protected] This week's highlights: 00:00 AI-Generated Backgrounds and Podcast Hosts 00:47 Exploring AI's Role in Bagpipe Music 02:12 AI Composing Bagpipe Tunes: Successes and Failures 03:08 AI's Potential in Music and Beyond 05:35 The Future of AI in Creative Fields 09:23 AI's Impact on Creative Industries 12:21 Existential Questions: Are We Real?