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Our beginners tutor is unlike any in the world. Learn (or re-learn) the fundamentals, not just the "paint by numbers".

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At the Dojo, we have a simple rule: If your bagpipes aren't comfortable to play, you're doing it wrong!

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Master Bagpipe Tuning

Our tuning program will help you master the art of bagpipe tuning, even if you
don't have the ear".

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Learn Scottish Drumming

The Dojo is also the home of the world's only "freedom-focused" Scottish drumming program! Learn snare, tenor, and bass!

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Dojo U memberships cater to all ages and stages. Your membership includes access to live sessions, a vibrant online community, and a library of courses and past-class archives.

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Want to learn to express yourself via the bagpipe? We wrote the book on it.

Learn to free yourself from bagpipe frustration in simple, relatable ways with our award-winning bestseller.

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Learn Scottish Drumming

Mirroring our piping program is our trend-setting drumming membership. Led by rhythm guru Ed Best, you'll work your way through our all-new Snare Drumming Tutor, and a simple and elegant "Snare Drumming Freedom" process, modelled on our successful and proven "Bagpipe Freedom" program.

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Taking the Community "Offline"

It can't be all virtual. Piper's Dojo Events are known world-wide for successfully combining the world's best bagpipe learning methodology, the world's best instruction, and the most important ingredient - Fun!

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