410 - The Dangers of Solo Competing (Dojo Conversations Episode 80)

Would you rather perform at a wedding, or compete solo in front of a judge? 

This week, Andrew and Jim look at the world of solo bagpipe competing, focusing on both the fun and the potential challenges involved. They also touch upon practical tips for enhancing one's solo performance experience, like the benefits of having expert help in tuning on competition day, and how competing can improve your skills, personal repertoire, and offer satisfaction in other ways you may not have considered…

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Here’s what we cover this week:

00:00 Introduction and Personal Anecdotes

01:17 Discussing Solo Competing

03:25 The Appeal of Solo Competing

05:39 Challenges and Dangers of Solo Competing

08:36 Maintaining Motivation and Enjoyment

14:15 Judges and Competitors Dynamics

24:15 Conclusion and Final Thoughts