408 - The Secret to Learning New Tunes Is... Fun! (Dojo Conversations Episode 78)

Do you struggle to learn new tunes? Get stressed trying to get all those band sets ready for the circle? The solution could lie in… making it fun!

This week, Andrew and Jim look at how to find fun in the process of learning new tunes - how to make the learning process enjoyable, push away stress, and improve your overall musical ability. The also look at the impact of pressure and competition on learning, and the benefits of playing in a band versus solo.

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On this episode, we're talking about...

00:00 The Importance of Fun in Learning Tunes
03:26 Using Technology to Enhance Practice
05:35 Overcoming Challenges in Music Practice
07:27 The Role of Enjoyment in Memorization
10:56 Balancing Band and Solo Practice
14:43 The Collaborative Process in Band Medleys
21:05 Maintaining Enjoyment in Piping
31:22 Reflecting on Life and Music