403 - How To Find Your Ideal Chanter Reed Strength (Dojo Conversations Episode 73)

Chanter reeds are often sent from the manufacturer labelled as "easy", "hard", or anything in between – but how do you know which one is going to be right for you?

This week, Andrew and Jim are putting chanter reeds under pressure, first focusing on understanding reed strength through the measurement of 'inches of water', a method used by reed makers to indicate required blowing pressure. They discuss the variability of reeds, finding the right reed strength for individual players, the importance of steady blowing and different types if manometers. 

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This week, we cover:

01:58 Music's Emotional Influence

04:40 Understanding Bagpipe Reeds

08:06 The Variability of Reed Strength

11:10 Personalizing Reed Selection

13:39 Exploring Manometer Use in Bagpipe Practice

17:43 Advantages of Tube Style Manometers

26:07 Concluding Thoughts and Podcast Wrap-up