401 - Is Bass Drone Tuning "Hard"? (Dojo Conversations Episode 71)

Pipers around the world find bagpipe tuning one of the hardest skills to master. Why? This week, we're using the physics of sound to explain why, as we look in-depth at how the harmonics of bagpipe chanter and drone reeds relate to each other. Brace yourself, dear listener – this is the sound nerd deep dive to rule them all! If you're listening to the audio version of this podcast, you may want to check out the version on YouTube or Facebook for some of the visual references, too – we promise they'll blow your mind too... Want to dive even deeper on the physics and practical tips for bagpipe tuning? You can check out our full Bagpipe Tuning Algorithm Course with Premium Dojo U Membership – visit pipersdojo.com to check it out today! Got a question for a future episode? Leave a comment or email it to us at [email protected]. Here's what we're covering this week: 00:00 Unlocking the Mysteries of Bass Tuning 00:26 Morning Banter: Compliments and Podcast Dynamics 02:06 Exploring the Evolution of the Bagpipe 06:09 The Great Highland Bagpipe: History and Evolution 12:32 The Challenge of Tuning the Bass Drone 24:13 Harmonics and the Richness of Bagpipes 28:13 Exploring the Harmonics of Bagpipes 29:17 The Physics of Reeded Instruments 31:45 Harmonic Differences Among Instruments 37:08 Advanced Harmonics and Instrument Tuning Insights 37:53 The Art of Tuning: Practical Tips and Tricks 42:45 The Beauty of Dissonance in Music 48:38 The Complexity of Harmonics in Pipe Bands 57:16 Concluding Thoughts on Harmonics and Tuning ____ Dojo University is the longest-running and most successful online bagpiping and drumming school in the world. We teach thousands of students around the world how to play good music – mastering the art of learning and playing the bagpipes and drums in the process – in a highly accessible way that is completely unlike anything else you'll find online or in person, anywhere in the world. We created Dojo U because we noticed that too many pipers and drummers were struggling out there in the world. Bagpiping should be a joyful experience, each and every day you pick up your instrument. If it's not, we strive to fix that before it's too late. And whether you're a complete beginner, a parade or experienced player, a pipe major or drum sergeant, or a pro-level competitor... you can free yourself from musical frustration at Dojo U. At Dojo U, we do things a little differently to how you may have approached learning to play the bagpipes before. One of the key reasons for our ongoing success is that we're always evolving, improving, and growing. We'd love to welcome you back and show you around! Find Andrew and the Piper's Dojo Team here: Dojo University Online Bagpipe School: http://pipersdojo.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/pipersdojo Twitter: http://twitter.com/pipersdojo Instagram: http://instagram.com/pipersdojo SnapChat: pipersdojo