398 - The Ultimate Secret To Being a Better Bagpiper (Or Drummer) (Episode 68)

You're stuck on a desert island. Would you rather have your practice chanter, or an endless playlist of great pipe band tunes? If you didn't say the latter, you're missing the number one secret ingredient to being a better musician – immersion! This week, we're discussing why certain families and geographies seem to foster world class players. Is it just boundless talent passed along in their bloodlines... or is it the world-class piping and drumming they've been absorbing since before they could talk? Immersion in the best of your craft is the single greatest correlate to ongoing success in anything. So how can you replicate that if you're not living in a hive of pipe band activity, or surrounded by top class pipers everyday? We have some ideas for you... Got a question you want us to discuss on a future episode? Leave a comment or send it to [email protected]. Highlights of this week's episode: 00:00 Have you heard of a little podcast called 'Droning On'? 01:29 Diving into the World of Bagpiping Podcasts and Media 02:08 The Essence and Importance of Immersion in Bagpiping 09:13 Exploring Various Avenues for Bagpipe Immersion 20:49 The Power of Immersion in Learning and Creativity 25:23 Wrapping Up with Reflections and a Desert Island Dilemma